gymnastic strength training (GST) is an approach to physicality that attempts to address the specific strength concerns associated with a skill based performance. the idea is to mimic the positional strength requirements, to build capacity and familiarity with the extremes so that during a performance the individual can better focus on the timing and nuance required to excel, and not be overwhelmed by the raw physical demands of the problem. 

the practice of jiu-jitsu can benefit from a similar approach. the goals is to build an athletes capabilities in the extremes, to focus on the positions and stability that are utilized in the fullest expression of the sport. physicality is the budget, technique is the efficiency of spending. victory is purchased by balancing the two better than your opponent. 

GST for Jiujitsu is an informal approach, borrowing the positionally dependent strength-building techniques and porting it to individual combat sport athletes. it is, above all, a toolkit. the goal, as always, is to solve problems. 

identifying the right problem to solve is a skill my jiujitsu coach is constantly encouraging me to refine. think of the information here not as a trick to improve any skill other than the skill of being a good and attentive student. the hope is that by minimizing stressors the practitioner can focus purely on the position, to build and refine both capacity and comfort so that we can absorb the technical nuance of the lessons without having to struggle to meet the physical needs. again, the effort here is to become a better student of the art, to bring the attentiveness and clarity to your physical routines. to build.


this list will keep growing as movements get filmed and added, please comment via instagram if there is something you would like to see addressed.

items marked with an asterisk * are scheduled but not yet filmed

Understanding tension:

end range tension
front plank
hollow hold

hip warmups/strengthening:

hip activation
*dumpy ballerinas
*wall march
kneeling back bend
*pistol hold
single leg wall bridge

shoulder warmups/strengthening:

banded passthrough
hanging lat pull
*elbow circles
*banded A/T/Y
*cactus stretch
*scapular movement drill

hand/forearm strength

outside curls
wrist pushup
*chin-up hang

abdominal control:

curl up
reverse curl
ab-slide + twist
*hanging pike press


*forearm smash
*nerve flossing

fatigue resistance:

dynamic-tempo squats
plank rotation
*bounce lunge

ring complex:

8 reps each, rest between each movement, feel free to adjust foot position within each set. make sure your struggle is because you are not feeling strong enough, and not the you feel too tired.
archer push-up
palms up push-up
hollow body pull
tricep pushup
feet to hands/knees to elbows
skin the cat (if possible/wise)