this is not combat. this is camaraderie.


this is not combat, this is education.

this is negotiation.

this is training.


too often, those of us who have never truly experienced combat misuse the language to try and signal to the listener how serious we are.  it seems logical, it is stressful, scary, and we care – we care so god damn much that we are willing to do whatever it takes, right? the problem is that combat operates under very unique rules. in combat the rules are simple, damage the enemy while taking as little damage as possible. no-one wins in combat, one just looses less.

the language of combat closes doors to the idea of growth. of adding value. we are simply training. we are training to see these opportunities, training to experience pain and fear and uncertainty without falling victim to our worst impulses. we are practicing the ability to stay open to new ideas. we are training the response to slow down and look for options. to be dynamic. to be sensitive. to be open to experience and to growth.

this is not combat.

this is camaraderie.


now we just have to act like it.