20160419-_DSC9050broadcast media can be troublesome because it never gives the full story. yes we are serious here. we have goals. we work hard and we do our very best to work smart. we work on as many facets of ourselves as we can handle because most of us got a late start on this whole fitness thing. we take the work seriously. the effort. the want and the will to change.

where we start is not the point, what we are willing to do about it is.

i can not overstate this fact. we train world class jiu-jitsu players, we also train 70 year old lawyers. we train 20 somethings looking to get bigger, 30 somethings looking to get smaller, and 40 somethings who have never worked out in their lives. what is important is the willingness to confront the facts. to face things as they are, to embrace our influence – to decide to make things different.

that is what we do. that is what we care about. we are serious because we recognize how difficult it is to confront our shortcomings. whatever, whoever. the weight on the bar, the weight on the scale – the clock, the move, the measure – they are all relative. feedback. information. it may seem trite but that doesn’t make it untrue: effort is our medium of exchange. work is our currency. will. it is where we start and what we build.

everything else is just details.


if any of this resonated, made you the least bit curious – we invite you to set up a time to come in, to see what we do, and to see what we can build together.


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