warmup: deadlift form

6 way BB complex:

6x each of the following – Deadlift + bent row + hi-pull + front squat + push press + back squat + pushup

30/30 KB swing (2 handed, heavy) / front plank

recoup and work OHS form (broomstick/empty bar)

30/30 squat/squat hold(thighs parallel) or wall sit

more OHS form

30/30 push press/Over head hold

cooldown w/ good mornings, windmills

bonus round: 30 seconds mountain climber, 30 seconds FLR, 30 seconds rest, 4 rounds.

the heaviest dumbbells we have at the moment are 20#, and i have been getting pretty steady numbers with them doing the 30/30 push presses so i tried with 2×36# KB’s… and i got what i asked for. it was like the first time. it was beautiful. also there should be 2 deliveries today, a big one from Rogue Fitness, including a 14′ pullup station with 2 racks for lifting, 360# of bumpers, another set of rings, a new bar and collars… as well as the rest of the floor. the library might get set today too, and the last few pieces from the garage move into the space. finishing touches (and pictures) later this week.