things have been quiet the past few weeks, mostly laying groundwork. proper preparation. mindfulness. creating schedules, a framework. scaffolding.

physical fitness and behavior modification.

many (if not most) individuals are more in need of the later. that is to say, their short comings have more to do with compliance, with adherence, as opposed to technology. making these changes is simple. its training. at times i mean rolled up news paper kind of training. i mean dinner chimes. i mean schedules for every day. while i agree that measuring and weighing every piece of food is as much of an eating disorder as sticking a finger down ones throat, consideration must be given to the goal. to the cost and perceived benefit. obsessive compulsive disorder can be debilitating, but under the right circumstances and with a measure of control it simplifies and streamlines our life. behavior creates habit. be conscious of that fact.

lay the groundwork.

take control of your conditioning.

set a goal.
make a plan.
execute it.
evaluate it.

there are many small changes in the gym this week. time will tell if they have the desired effect.