work up to heavy back squat

100x back squat at 50% with a 5x burpee penalty for each time the bar is racked.

max Deadlifts at bodyweight without setting bar down

back squat – 275
100x @ 135, only one break (admittedly a long one) at 50
DL @ 175 – 39 and my hand popped open, this will be repeated.

i also did 50x burpees as a penalty. initially i had planned on doing the back squats at bodyweight, but i talked myself out of it, convinced myself it was “overreaching” and, simply, chickened out. this was a failure on the behavior end and such failures need correcting.

consequences have an interesting way of changing ones behavior.

the devil you know often wins against the devil you don’t.

for the Deadlift test, the question is “how long can you hold on?”