“your wishes are very small things in this world… you are valuable because of what you can do, not what you want.”

this is not sad. this is not negative. this is a reminder that your wants, wishes and intentions are your own, and no help to anyone else unless, until, you act upon them. not only act upon them, but actualize them. i don’t want to hear your plans. i don’t even want to hear my own at this moment. i want to do. i want to make. implement. become. to grow. and to cut out that which is not useful. talk is cheap, and occasionally self sabotaging. there is not enough time. there is too much to do…

20 calories on the airdyne – directly to front plank for equal time. 5 rounds.

while your wants and intentions guide your actions, in the moment they are meaningless.
it is action. it is ability. currency. it is the will and the means to pay what is required.