i dont often put the technical work done in the gym on here. that may change, but there is a reason. its not that i have any sort of secret, that i am holding out of feel like i would be giving something away… the work done here, more and more, is specific.

i think the hardest thing for most people to understand about good training is that everything has a purpose. a time and a place. that training is making use of the fact that human beings are malleable. we are adaptive creatures, and as it has been said before : we become what we do.

some of the people i train are going from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one, there are injuries to work around, psychological traits to consider, decades of inertia to overcome and behaviors to be modified.

others are working for specific goals. gain strength. loose weight. gain power. gain speed. hypertrophy.

crossfit popularized the idea of prescribed exercise, but i believe the nature of the term was lost somewhere…

train for an objective. a good coach will plan workouts tailored to a specific athlete at a specific moment in their growth. to get the most result out of the least effort. to help correct a muscular imbalance while warming up for a strength routine. to emotionally prepare for race day. to build stability around joints to better prepare for next months increase in intensity…

everything works. for a while. and up to a certain point.

without knowing the specifics of an athlete their training plan will only make sense in the broadest of terms,