many of us are realizing exactly what kind of life our environment is pushing us into. with the normal distractions of work and play upended the pressures of our created environment become all too obvious…

what is easy? what is your home encouraging you to do? to be? one of the difficulties about changing behavior is that there is a gap between making the decision to change and the actual action of changing. its really easy to say that you are going to do yoga in the morning or spend 15 minutes writing at 3pm on a thursday – but everything is a little different when the rubber hits the road. absent that post mid-afternoon coffee motivation everything seems a little harder. less pressing. the couch is calling…

environment is important. it is a tool that we can wield. this idea was pressed upon me over a decade ago and i am still finding new applications from that simple lesson.

if your actions are not in line with your desires – examine your environment. what is it asking of you? what behaviors is it rewarding? accept that when you are tired and hungry and scared that you will do what is easiest, and find a way to make what is easiest also what is correct. use that 3pm energy to set the stage. make it beautiful. make it echo and nurture your desires. because it effects you. it affects you. accepting that will at least allow you to use it to your advantage.

too often people see “change your environment” as move to a different one. while this is sometimes needed, how often do people simply recreate the same mess in a new place? yes, there is occasionally toxicity that must be left – but if that toxicity is your own mess, there may be value in at least trying to clean it up. there is also power in creation. in molding an environment for a purpose. to sit in a space with ethos. with soul. and an objective.

this home is a foundry.

a factory.

the question, as always, is simple.

who do you want to be?

and what are you doing to get there?