we live in an information age – an age of online training diaries, ebooks, forums, and email accessibility -the Prilepin chart is a google search away, information is not your problem. the problem these days is understanding how to ask your question. there are hundreds of people offering up the information they have bled and sweat for, thousands more who would be happy to sell you an answer, the point of all this training (to me anyway) is to understand how to edit, how to examine, how to say not just “how do i get better” but to spend some time examining yourself and find the answers there.

this is not supposed to be easy, its supposed to be useful. this is not supposed to be handed to you, it is about defining yourself. this is not a reward, but a process.

if you’re not happy about some number or behavior then it is up to you to figure out the root, to pick and pry and find the source. why can’t you achieve your goal? what is the problem? is it technical? where is it failing? be specific. is it fatigue? is it strength? is it breathing? lactic threshold? psychological discipline? no one can answer these questions for you, no online training program can fix you if you aren’t able to figure out what is wrong in the first place. don’t settle. don’t be lazy. pick and prod. dig. really dig. the answers aren’t supposed to make you feel good about yourself, they’re supposed to show you the way to improve.

test-drive. tune-up.

kick it till it breaks – then do some work to make sure that part doesn’t break next time.

don’t go hunting for new information if you haven’t used what you already have.

where would you be if you used that time you spend making excuses and looking for shortcuts actually grinding towards your goal?


ask better questions.


-the station


20160801-_DSC5318be curious. be relentless. see the big picture. manipulate it through small changes. 
to quote a friend – “show up, ask questions, don’t quit”