” knowledge of the facts is no indication of their implementation”


you would think that with the sheer number of times i have ranted on and on about the need for critical feedback i would be able to take it a little better.

this past week i was lucky enough to get intelligent, constructive, and truly careful feedback from real experts – comments on web design, physical conditioning, and coaching capacity – and while i know, i knew they had purely constructive motives, it did not take out the sting – it didn’t keep me from being defensive. the only thing i will say is that the training allowed me to recognize my response, to shut my mouth, and to try and listen.

the funny part is that it never gets “easy”. we are reactive creatures, and if it did ever get less uncomfortable then i would probably just seek harsher criticism. the more discomfort we can handle, the more cognitive dissonance we can tolerate – then the faster we can grow. the faster we can learn. so here we are, another evolution, another exposure to more critique. the new site is a reflection of where we have been and where we are headed – we have new t-shirts, hoodies, and a more streamlined application process. this project has grown beyond my imagination – what began as an attempt to understand myself and my surroundings has become an amazing community and even a source of employment for individuals that have become my family.  we have grown strong together, and with that strength and confidence we are better able to open ourselves up – to take on new challenges, to take on a little more risk.

more stress – more opportunity.


it wont be easy, but if we work hard enough, it will be worth it.

-the station



you're god damned right

you’re god damned right