warmup w/ heavy TGU, KB play

work up to 88# KB snatch, get re-acquainted with heavy weight over head.

tailpipe variant
p1. 30 cal on airdyne
p2. 2x KB racked, handles touching entire time.
3 rounds

-b (2×53#)/patrick(2×44#)

today was a rough day, too little sleep and too much thinking. i still hate the airdyne, and was suprised at how bad my legs hurt while holding the kettlebells. this particular test brought forth an interesting conversation, and one i have had many times, the psychological factor. standing there, holding kettle bells, your mind will take you to dark and ugly places. within the first five seconds of each half all i wanted is to be in my partners place. the grass is always greener. the hold is the interesting part to me. i like to leave that player alone. to give them time to traverse their own road to (emotional) failure. to know, to know in their bones that they can quit any time. that simply by NOT pushing with every inch the pain will stop. that they are in fact laying their flesh on the grindstone. we need to know that road, to read the signs and be able to drive it blind. we need to know how hard our body can scream for us to stop, and then keep grinding.

also, i signed a lease today. 1650 sqft. there will be more details in the next few days, but my hat has been thrown over the wall…