kb complex: 10x ea

RTW (each)
Fig 8 (each)
slasher to halo (each, thanks mtn athlete)
1 handed swing (each)
hi-pull (each)
goblet squat
push squat
1 sided rack squat (each)
clean + press + windmill (each)
overhead squat (each)
push press
1/2 deck squat (or deck squat if you got it)
1/2 TGU (each)
Turkish Get Up (each)


snatch practice
TGU with sandbags

foam roller tutorial.

possibly the last workout at my house. a good day all around, becoming familiar with the tools, understanding the aches, finding reason in the pain. these people impress me. they dig deep, push boundaries, and make me seek my own ragged edge. to all who have left a small piece of who you were on my garage floor, i thank you.

clean up new space, unload 25 4’x6′ rubber mats… scheme…