mini KB complex
3x TGU each side w/ KB
2x TGU each side w/ SB

deadlift form, relatively light and super slow

45 seconds work, 15 rest – 4 rounds

2h KB swing
box jump (or step up)
slosh pipe overhead hold.

more TGU

typically i would not do deadlifts in a circuit, but the point of today was to get the athletes to keep their form despite fatigue, to challenge the tendency to slacken our standards as the task grinds on, challenge the idea of “good enough”. perfect lifts only. if the form started to fall apart, the athlete was put in “time out” step away from the bar for at least 5 seconds before they are allowed to try again. i want the people i train with to snap into perfect form as a gut level reaction to the challenge at hand, and to know themselves, to know in their bones how far they can push it – when to pull the trigger, and when to pull the chutes.

kevin had fun doing TGU’s with the medicine ball balanced in his palm, i think we will play with this more in the future…

also the pullup rig is up, bolts need tightening and mats need cutting, but it is standing. shelves to be built, library to be moved… there will be pictures soon. we should be fully online by august.