listen to advice given from experience. it cost a great deal, but you are not charged for it.

-Idries Shah

a good discussion at the gym today – informational transferability. porting the problem solving techniques; from cooking to design, from the gym to martial arts, from poetry to relationships. there are common threads, lessons about compromise, about complications, about expectations. we can learn these underlying lessons that allow us to understand the greater picture, that flex between our passions and bridge gaps in our skill sets. in training we assign ourselves a task to complete, we create the parameters and go for it. in the thick of it we cannot waste time complaining about what should be happening, but dealing with what is. we must adapt. we must grow. we must be flexible. we must be committed. there are problems to be solved, and not enough time to make every mistake ourselves. learn from others who have gone before. squeeze every lesson out of your failures, and be stronger for having fallen down.

poet, teacher, swimmer, and inspiringly tough.

training takes many forms.