my training has taken a back seat in the last 12 months, i put in many hours, but volume without direction has limited growth potential at best, and can be disastrous. the past 2 weeks have been dedicated to creating a schedule, to adding and subtracting certain elements and taking a little more control of my conditioning. for starters, my endurance sits somewhere between sucks and shitty on the continuum. i aim to remedy that.

warmup: 10 minute row

30 second hard, 90 second recovery, 16 intervals

the goal was to get 1 extra m per interval…

did i mention i suck at pacing.

my plan was to start at 150 m and work up from there, i thought it would be reasonable, and it might have been, but somehow my dumb ass did 163 the first round. i thought about calling a mulligan and simply starting over, but there was some self flagellation in order…

r1. 163
r2. 163
r3. 164
r4. 164
r5. 163
r6. 150
r7. 150
r8. 150
r9. 150
r10. 150
r11. 150
r12. 150
r13. 149
r14. 151
r15. 150
r16. 150

recovery shower: 2 cycles 4 minutes cold, 2 minutes hot.
silat: 1 hour
foam roller, pvc and racquetball work (nagging shoulder injury needs a lot of pressure to release) – 15 minutes