max KB snatches in 10 minutes

5 minute warmup on airdyne
10 minute airdyne, arms only
5 minute active recovery
10 minutes legs only

(thanks Rob MacDonald)


3×1-6 pullup ladder

-b: got some athletes set up for the SSST and decided to join them and practice pace. got 151 in 8 minutes w/ 53#, and felt really good, pacing was steady for 5 minutes, then sped up for the last 3.

airdyne work happened at the end of the day, arms only score was 107, legs only score was 142. i feel that my arms should be helping me more during my standard airdyne work and thought this was too perfect to pass up. i was hoping for 300 calories total, and missed by a long shot. i did find some pacing that felt good in the last half of the legs only, and will have to apply that in the coming week.

i have been doing better with recovery work, and my shoulder is only rarely an issue, i definetly recommend finding a good ART practitioner for anyone spending a lot of time in the gym.