one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in the last five years is this: human beings seek attention in much the same way we seek food and water. the main difference is we are taught from an early age to recognize and react to the latter two in a more or less healthy way. attention, however, often goes overlooked. not overlooked, but misunderstood. the desire for attention is often masked as a desire for information, as a desire to learn, or as a desire to teach. to misinterpret the root, the driving force behind a behavior is a near flawless way to avoid meaningful progress. learn to tell the difference. learn to make due with less attention. separate the want to learn from the want to be seen learning. make real progress.

warmup w/ 5 minute row
30x 30/30 row


warmup w/ 5 minute airdyne
30x 30/30 airdyne

the row was interesting. started at 150m per work interval, but was unable to recover properly, i trimmed back to 145, and even 142 by 10 minutes in. at this point the stroke rate fell, but the meters climbed, the last 10 minutes were a pretty solid 145m at 26-27 SPM. all in all, a useful session.

airdyne happened 11 hours later, 461 total calories, 20 in the 1st two minutes, 15 in each following minute. averaged 3 of those calories in the 30 seconds off…. compared to a similar workout in october, my recovery is improving, and mentally, the minutes don’t drag on as they used to.

a fine teacher, a ruthless judge.