one thing punk rock taught me is a healthy distrust of success.

healthy insofar as defining success as a moral victory as much as a financial one; as an internal struggle first. to beat their game by our rules.

evolving can be frightening, it can be stressful, and is, by its nature, uncertain. but without it, with out the struggle and the desire to grow, we will stagnate….

i am only half joking when i say i am motivated by fear. fear of not measuring up, fear of letting people down. this fear has served me well. propelled me to try harder, to listen better, to sideline my ego and try and learn something. this fear has kept me watchful and kept me hungry. mastering your emotions does not mean not feeling them, it means understanding their message and utilizing their energy.

i restructured my life a year ago. cut my last ties to a steady paycheck to pursue my passions without distraction. after a year of effort there is another evolution on the horizon. papers have begun to shift hands and it looks like THE STATION will have a permanent home. a new space, a larger business plan, and a renewed commitment to the people who have made it possible.

i thank you.

on a related note, there is a “support” page now where you can purchase a small token of our project.


-the station